Acupuncture Case study: Tennis player with tennis elbow

This patient is a 45 year old male from Somerville NJ. His complaint was classic symptoms of tennis elbow and other repetative stress injuries. An aching in the joint. The pain had exosted for more than 6 months.

In my experience, this type of elbow pain is caused by unnaturally tight muscles pulling on the elbow joint. The cause of the tight muscles being increased and unbalanced muscular development by tennis (This patient also was a decade-long weight lifter).

Probing around his forearm found extremely tight muscles which I treated with trigger point acupuncture. The treatment caused strong twitching and what I call a referral into the elbow (This is when the patient feels their complaint pain during the treatment).

In this case, I gave only one treatment and in three weeks, his problem had subsided and was no longer an issue for him.

Acupuncture Case study: Tennis player with tennis elbow

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