Acupuncture Case Study: Runner with Nerve pain in thigh

This patient is a 49 year old male from Somerset, NJ who regularly runs about 15 miles per week. He had developed some unusual pain on his right inner thigh. He had recently began increasing his distance and speed and indicated that he often experiences minor injuries when becoming more aggressive with his running. He described the pain as extending down from his hip region about two thirds the way to his knee. He also indicated that the pain was less muscular in nature and felt more like a nerve sensation.

This situation suggests to me that an unnaturally tight muscle may be lightly pushing on a nerve and the nerve pain was a indirect symptom. Triggerpoint acupuncture was indicated.

After some manual probing, I discovered that one of the primary muscles in his thigh was extremely tight. I performed triggerpoint treatment along the muscle and he experienced 15-20 twitches.

The next day, he reported significant soreness somewat similar to a bruise. A few days later he reported a 90% reduction in pain and a week later was experiencing no pain.

Acupuncture Case Study: Runner with Nerve pain in thigh

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