Acupuncture and insurance

As an added convenience for our current patients and to help more people, AbsoluteQi is now accepting insurance.

What does this mean for you?

We accept insurance.  If you have coverage, we will submit the bills for you.  In the past we gave our patients bills to submit themselves.  Now we will do the filing for you.  When your insurance company starts paying you will only be responsible for the amount not covered.

Prior to payment made by your insurance company, payment is due upon receiving services.

We can not advise you about your insurance plan and reimbursement for services because insurance benefits are specific to each policy.  We recommend you contact your insurance company to verify coverage for our services.

Questions to ask when you call to verify coverage:

Do I have acupuncture coverage?
Who can I go to: MD and/or Licensed Acupuncturist?
Is a referral needed?
Do I have in or out of network benefits or limits?
Are there acupuncture diagnosis requirements (example: pain, osteoarthritis)?
Are there treatment limits?

When I call and ask these questions, I have found that the answers are not always correct, this is not a guarantee of payment.  That is why we have patients pay upfront until the insurance company pays for our services.  Once we know that they will pay, we are happy to continue submitting for you and you will be responsible for the unpaid portion of your treatments.

AbsoluteQi hopes that by accepting insurance we will be able to help more people feel better.  Our goal is to help you!

Acupuncture and insurance
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