Trigger Point Acupuncture

Acupuncture on a shoulder
If you can accept the idea that an overly tight muscle can cause problems in the body, you can understand how trigger point acupuncture helps people. Tight muscles can restrict blood flow and digestion. It also can also pull joints out of normal alignment, put pressure on nerves and generally produce pain and other health problems. Trigger point acupuncture directly addresses unnaturally tight muscles. Using only their hands, the acupuncturist probes likely offending muscles looking for the tight ones. Then an acupuncture needles is inserted into the muscle and the needle is manipulated into the muscle looking to cause an involuntary twitch.The muscle typically twitches for up to 30 seconds under repeated probing but eventually stops. The muscle stops due to exhaustion, but, the tension it was causing is also greatly diminished.

Take a look at my videos to see the muscular twitching caused by trigger point.