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NJ acupuncture Welcome "Wellness is a state of physical, mental and spiritual health. It's having the energy to enjoy life, to feel great and fully participate in every activity of your daily life." -Rhonda


"I'm amazed at the results. I went from yesterday morning barely being able to walk down the steps to being able to completely bare weight and feel like it's almost completely better after this one treatment." - 33 week pregnant woman with immobilizing, swelling feet... see the video on Youtube

"My migraine headaches that I have had for years have improved. The frequency has decreased and so has the intensity." -NJ

"The muscles in my back and shoulders were so tight, the pain was affecting me every day. After just 1 treatment with trigger point release the tightness was significantly better. I feel great after 3 treatments and I am back at the gym lifting weights."-HP

"I have been suffering from Meniere's Disease for years. I was experiencing an acute attack when I first met Rhonda. I was vomiting and so dizzy that I could not function and go to work. When I left the office from my first visit I could not believe the improvement. I was out of my acute attack. I continued with weekly treatments and the tinnitus and stuffiness in my ear has decreased. I am so excited to be able to hear from my left ear again!" -GJ

"My lower back was hurting for 10 years before I tried acupuncture. After just one treatment I felt better. It only took about 4 treatments for all of the pain to subside. Now, I am working on shoulder pain." -RB

"I heard that acupuncture could improve my chances of getting pregnant while undergoing in vitro fertilization. I already had 4 failed attempts. I was willing to try anything. On my fifth attempt I became pregnant, I am so happy I decided to try acupuncture. It helped me relax and I believe it helped me get pregnant!" -GC

"One year ago I was considering surgery. After about 15 treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome I am free of the pain and numbness that I was experiencing. I am so happy I tried the alternative route." -NK

NJ Acupuncture