In with a migraine headache, out with no headache at all!

One of my patients last week came in for her IVF support and she told me that she almost cancelled because she had a migraine headache.  She didn’t know if she could handle the drive to and from my office.  I told her that I was happy that she did not cancel the treatment because her cycle is underway and that I would get rid of the headache for her with some trigger point acupuncture.

She was amazed that she came in with a migraine and left without one.  Her biggest question is why don’t doctors tell migraine suffers about acupuncture because the medications are so strong.  I don’t really know why it has not caught on more with the Western medical professionals.  

I hope that over time doctors and the public become more educated and open to acupuncture because it is really good at treating many things!