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By considering acupuncture at our Somerset NJ clinic, you can begin your transformation to wellness safely and drug-free assisting your bodys' physical and psychological ability to heal itself. Your experience and acupuncture treatment will occur in a peaceful, calm, comfortable professional health-care environment at our acupuncture clinic on Easton Avenue in Somerset, NJ just minutes from route 287 where you will be treated with great respect and attention.

Our No Risk First Visit Policy lets you meet and get a comfort level with us and our approach to health and healing. You will be given a thorough health interview (about 30 minutes) in order to understand the nature of your complaint. If you have hesitation about needles, we'd be happy to show you one (they are like a thin wire, tiny and much smaller than a typical syringe and are even quite flexible). After your interview and all your questions are answered, you can choose to continue with your first acupuncture treatment or simply say no thanks and be charged no fee.

Why choose Absolute Qi Acupuncture clinic?

The difference between Absolute Qi and some other clinics is that we believe your experience during an acupuncture or other treatment is important to your mental state and healing. We believe that being cared-for means much more than being treated. Also, your first visit includes an extensive interview about your health and problem. Patients frequently comment that nobody has ever taken so much time discussing their health background before. You will also have a pleasant experience in our warm and inviting offices and treatment rooms, that are calm, quiet, and home-like. Some other clinics are purely functional and process driven. Moreover, our staff have all been raised in the USA eliminating the concern for cross-cultural miscommunications that could leave you feeling worried that your treatment may be occurring without the full understanding of the acupuncturist or that a crucial piece of information has been misunderstood.

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What is your pain?

We treat all types of muscle triggered or muscular related pain. Common ailments like back and neck pain, foot pain, digestion problems, headaches and more are all addressed by our acupuncturists. We treat many people for plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, TMJ, sciatica, tennis elbow, repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, and other common painful and chronic conditions. Acupuncture excels at treating muscular problems or muscular triggered problems or pain. We also have 2 specializations ... Acupuncture for infertility support and Trigger Point Acupuncture for pain and sports related injuries.

Infertility (IVF) Support.
Besides the biology, medicine and treatments involved with attempts to overcome infertility, we deeply understand the emotional and physical stresses and challenges of modern (western) infertility treatments and have created an acupuncture treatment process to support IVF. IVF support patients receive exceptional care during these important and difficult times. Women frequently come for acupuncture treatments before their transfer. Read more ...

Trigger Point Acupuncture.
Runners, cyclists, golfers, musicians and others who are committed to their active lifestyle often experience setbacks and ongoing pain due to injury or overuse. Frequently, these injuries are muscular in nature and caused by the beloved activity. You can directly address these types of problems with a style of acupuncture known as Trigger Point Acupuncture. This method is ideal for correcting the muscular imbalance that is often the real cause of the problem. Rhonda knows muscles, training and the associated injuries ... she's a competitive runner.   See trigger point videos   -- Read more about trigger point ...

"Healing involves a combination of life issues. Physical and emotional state, medical and physical history, habits, diet, and family background of each patient is a crucial part of my acupuncture treatment approach and everyones' health." -Rhonda Hogan - Acupuncturist, Clinic Director - AbsoluteQi Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic - Somerset, NJ

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