Green tea for heavy exercisers

Green tea has long been touted as a fat burner, a beverage full of anti-oxidants that many researchers believe helps with digestion and may lower risks of some cancers and heart disease. A new study suggests green tea should be added to the diet of self-described “gym rats,” men and women who spend hours every week building muscles and strength.

Brazilian researchers found there was less evidence of cell damage caused by heavy workouts in those who drank green tea regularly. They believe three cups of green tea a day help muscles recover from a workout faster. The faster the recovery, the quicker you gain more muscle. Separate research found that volunteers who consumed green tea before workouts burned 17 per cent more fat than those who went without it.

The key is regular consumption of green tea. The study suggests an occasional cup is not going to make much difference. It may seem odd to think of body builders and weight lifters sipping a cup of green tea. But three cups a day may be just what they need to maximize the results of their workout routines.