Glucosamine and Pain

 Glucosamine and Pain

Do you or a loved one suffer from osteoarthritis or other kinds of joint pain?  Tired of the prescription and non-prescription drugs that only work temporarily and leave you with side effects?  I, of course, recommend acupuncture to help ease your discomfort.  Some studies also suggest that Glucosamine may play a significant role in managing your chronic pain.

Glucosamine is found naturally in the body and serves to form and repair cartilage and other tissues. As we grow older, the body produces less Glucosamine.  The result is it takes longer for the body to repair damaged tissues.  That’s a big reason why aches and pains become a way of life for many older folks.  

Glucosamine supplements are becoming widely used to help the tissues heal faster.  They may be particularly effective in combating osteoarthritis of the knee.  Studies indicate Glucosamine not only relieves the pain and stiffness, it may slow the progression of the disease.  Some who take Glucosamine also say it reduces pain in the hip and shoulder.

There is one drawback, at least to those who suffer from shellfish allergies.  It is common for Glucosamine supplements to be made from shellfish.  Those with shellfish allergies should probably seek another source of Glucosamine.  Otherwise, studies show side effects may include digestive problems, headaches and drowsiness.  However, short term use of Glucosamine generally appears to have little negative impact on the body and may actually give it a helping hand.

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