Dry Needling

If you are seeking dry needling, consider that the technique is actually borrowed from Acupuncture.Rhonda Hogan - Acupuncturist

Traditional Acupuncture only inserts a needle and perhaps stimulates it by slight movement or rotation.

However …

There is another school of Acupuncture … Trigger Point Acupuncture.

That is my specialty and I have over 14 years experience in treating patients using Trigger Point Acupuncture.

As it is a very new treatment type for Doctors and physical therapists, you’ll be hard pressed to find a western practitioner with that much Dry Needling Experience.

I treat people for all types of muscular ailments including frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, knee pain, low and upper back pain, TMJ and much more.

Many people have doubts about any eastern medicine. Acupuncture is licensed in New Jersey by the Board of Medical Examiners … the same group that certifies Medical Doctors. Acupuncture also requires 3 years of full time study in anatomy and physiology as well as the acupuncture concepts and techniques. No weekend “master” courses here.

My name is Rhonda Hogan, I’m a licensed acupuncturist with 14 years of experience. Let me use trigger point acupuncture to address your pain.Contact me to discuss your problem and what you can expect from a trigger point treatment perspective.