Happy New Year

Many people have new year resolutions for better health.  Acupuncture may be able to help you reach those resolutions.  Call AbsoluteQi at 732-227-9991 to find out how to use acupuncture for preventative health and treatment for any thing that ails you.  You may be surprised to learn what acupuncture can do for you.

Acupuncture and Relaxation

Many people are hesitant to try acupuncture or wont at all because it involves needles.  I get that.  But these needles are so thin and don’t really hurt.  Once in a while there will be some sharpness but for most, it is just a pinch.

When I have new patients, the reaction after the first needle insertion is that they don’t believe I put a needle in yet or they will say, “is that it?”  After the treatment is complete people are amazed at how little they felt and how RELAXING it felt to lay there with the needles.

I call it “Acuhigh”, it is hard to describe, but a very deep relaxation is experienced and patients look forward to having acupuncture.

Most patients fall asleep during treatment.  In fact, today, I treated a 17 year old male and I could not wake him up after the treatment.  Most people wake up when I lightly knock on the door and enter to get them up, but this time I just could not wake this patient up.

immediate relief!

This is the email I woke up to this morning:

“I got up this morning and forgot I even had plantar fasciitis!  See you tomorrow at 11”

How much more gratifying can my work be?  Emails like this thrill me, providing a service that has this kind of effect is why I am an acupuncturist.

I have been an acupuncturist for 16 years and this response still amazes me. Why?  I have treated so many people with plantar fasciitis and 80% of the cases have 80% improvement within the first 3 treatments.  There is the 20% that are more difficult cases and respond slower to acupuncture.  That 20% leaves me second guessing and amazed.

Acupuncture Happy Hour

Today, I administered another Acupuncture Happy Hour in a corporate setting.  These events are so much fun.  Attendees receive an ear acupuncture treatment for relaxation and stress reduction in a group setting.  Who can’t use some relaxation?

I love these events because the majority of the people seen have not had acupuncture before and everyone is so curious.  The response is always very positive, everyone loves the experience and when they go back to their desks talking about it, more people want to experience it.  Acupuncture spreads like wild fire and more people are exposed which makes me happy to share about acupuncture.

You can bring this event to your workplace or a group.  Acupuncture Happy Hour can be set up in many ways.  Typically, it is in a room large enough to hold many people, the lights are dimmed with nice music is softly playing.  You enter the room, sign in, ask as many questions as you need, then relax in a chair and receive ear acupuncture for stress reduction.  Close your eyes and let the treatment take over.  After about 20 minutes your treatment will be complete and you can ask more questions if anything comes to mind.

If this is your first experience with acupuncture, you will be amazed how little you feel when the pins are inserted and how much you relax.  The state of relaxation that acupuncture evokes is deep, I call it acuhigh. The only problem with these events, you wont want to go back to work after you relax. Just kidding, you will return to work feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready.

If you would like your workplace to offer an Acupuncture Happy Hour, you may put me in touch with the person that arranges wellness programs or lunch and learns.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Testimonial

August 15, 2014
To AbsoluteQi acupuncturist, Rhonda Hogan:
I would like to express my appreciation for your kindness and professionalism.  For fourteen years, I have been living in pain with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, anemia and chronic fatigue and using harsh medications such as methotrexate, Arava and other steroids for treatment.  For months, I was bent over unable to walk downstairs; I ambulated with a walker or cane.
After three months of acupuncture, I am on less medication and can walk without the walker.  Also, I am no longer bent over, stand taller and have less pain.  Thanks to my faith in God, prayer and the acupuncture treatments. There was noticeable improvement right away with the sessions.
I hope those of you who are suffering in pain seek help.  Please consider acupuncture as an alternative option to conventional medication.  If you are looking for a highly professional, understanding and dedicated acupuncturist, I highly recommend Rhonda Hogan.
Sheba McDonald