An Introduction to Cupping

There are several therapies which may be administered at the same time you receive your usual acupuncture treatment to compliment its healing effects on the body.  One such practice is cupping, a centuries-old folk method of relieving muscular pain or respiratory illness.  It is a simple, painless procedure which often results in a lingering feeling of relaxation.

In the process of cupping, bell-shaped “cups” of glass or plastic are slightly heated over fire and then placed on the skin of a patient.  As the air within the cups cools a vacuum is formed, creating a seal between the patient’s skin and the cups.  This opens the pores, relaxes the muscles, increases blood flow, and can even move phlegm in the lungs. 

After about 20 minutes the cups are removed, leaving the patient feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  The best part of the treatment is that it is done as you receive your acupuncture therapy, so it doesn’t require an additional visit!  Although cupping doesn’t receive the attention many holistic medicinal practices do, it deserves the attention of those looking to add to their acupuncture treatment.