Acupuncture Case Study: Young Man with low back pain that was affecting his life

C. A is a 25 year old man who came to me with very serious lower back pain. It had existed for a few years and had developed to the point where he was able to stand for 30 minutes at a time. He also indicated that it was affecting his relationships in that he could not easily do “normal” things like shopping, hiking and recreation.

After probing around his glutes and periformus, I discovered very tight muscles and performed a trigger point treatment on tes muscles in the buttox.

He was a strong responder to the needles and experienced many twitches of these major muscle groups.

The following week, he had the slightest bit of optimism that there was some hope for improvement. We treated him again with the same results.

Meeting him for the third treatment he was adifferent man. His energy was up, he was less gloomy, and reported a 75% improvement. He was able to stand for several hours at work and enjoying live.

The third treatment brought him to a very satisfactory place and he was throilled with the results and is a lifelong convert to acupuncture.

I do see him about every 6 months for another treatment and that does the trick him.