Acupuncture Case study – Patient with severe Shoulder pain – Part 1

This posting is the first in a series of postings about an ongoing case as of Early December 2013.

I have a patient who has consulted Orthopedic Doctors about severe shoulder pain. The pain keeps her awake at night and she is really getting to the point where something must be done (Her words).

She has come to me late. The pain has existed for several years and been at a high level for the past 6 months.

She is ready for surgery.

There are apparently tears in her rotator cuff and other physical damage as seen my MRI’s

I’m not sure if I will be able to help her, but it is my philosophy that attempting something that is much less risky, serious, expensive and has a reasonable probability of success is a no-brainer. She can still do the surgery but pursuing an acupuncture based reduction in pain as an attempt to avoid surgery is a sound approach and a worthwhile tactic.

In a series of articles, I’ll be spelling out the treatment approach, each treatment and the patient reported results.