Acupuncture Case Study – Chemotherapy Patient with Foot Numbness

Mr. R.M., 79 years old, from Somerville, NJ had surgery for Bowel Cancer followed up with 3 months of chemotherapy. A common downside of chemo is loss of feeling in the extremities, and this patient was experiencing numbness in his feet a medically called neuropathy. His complaint was that he felt like he was always “walking on ice”.

Because the chemo damaged his nerves in his feet, a trigger point acupuncture treatment was not the appropriate direction and I performed a traditional acupuncture treatment. I inserted about a dozen needles in his legs and feet.

He called the next day to report an 80% improvement and was also very relieved and enthused that he had most of the sensation back in his feet.

He still needs ongiong treatments about once a month to keep him at his new, higher level of functioning, but is thrilled with the change